Terms & conditions of sale


Terms & Conditions of Sale - 2024 - Rentes Plants
Orders Only Wholesale / Trade orders can be accepted. We do not accept orders from the public.
"Trade" is defined as: Garden Centres, Shops, Landscapers, Architects, Groundskeepers, Etc
Anyone with a wholesale/bulk need for plants are all welcome
Prices All plants are priced per plant, ex-Nursery, ex.vat.
We reserve the right to change prices, etc without prior notification.
All prices include picture labels where available (excluding Specimens).
We can supply pre-priced barcoded labels on plants upon request.
The cost of this service is €0.16 ex.vat per label.
Surcharges Please order 10+ per variety of Shrubs/Climbers/Roses/Conifers
&  5+ per variety of Trees/Fruit Trees/Specimens/Stemmed Roses.
Smaller numbers are also welcome but are priced as follows:
1-9 quantity Shrubs/Climbers/Conifers  &  1-4 quantity Trees/Fruit Trees/Specimens
€0.01 to €14.99 = €0.40 extra.   €15.00 to €49.99 = €1.00 extra. €50.00 and above = no change.
1-9 quantity Bush/Climbing Roses  &  1-4 quantity Stemmed Roses/Jumbo Climbing Roses
€0.01 to €14.99 = €0.60 extra.   €15.00 to €49.99 = €1.20 extra.
& Returns
We accept returns / refund requests for any plants that are of unsaleable quality at time of delivery only.
Complaints on quality/count must to be notified to us within 7 days of receipt of goods. We do not accept any plant complaints or returns after 7 days post delivery, and any such will not be entertained.
Claims made for plants that become diseased or that deteriorate in quality off our premises will not be entertained.
Our liability is limited to the sale value of goods sold.
We do not offer any "sale or return" service.
Delivery The minimum order quantity for delivery is one full CC trolley of mixed plants.
Each delivery will incur a charge of €50 ex.vat per delivery irrespective of order value.
Local Delivery is Free of Charge (Dublin & areas within 1 hr drive approx).
Extra Large/Mature Trees or Specimens are delivered by consultation.
Trollies Trollies & Shelves used for delivery remain the property of Rentes Plants.
Trollies & Shelves should be exchanged like for like at point of delivery.
In the event an exchange cannot be made, then Trollies/Shelves outstanding will be recorded for collection at a later date or on next delivery.
Should Trollies/Shelves owed to Rentes Plants go missing or not be made available for collection on request, we then reserve the right to issue an invoice for €100+vat per Trolley Base & €15+vat per Shelf.
Accounts Accounts are due nett within 30 days of invoice date unless otherwise agreed.
Customers will be assigned a credit limit. Orders cannot be delivered if your account is over this limit.
New accounts are cash on delivery, or cleared funds / proof of payment prior to delivery.
A credit account may be opened once verification of Trade References is completed.
Customers with overdue accounts or those who ran overdue in the past may have credit
refused to them at our discretion.
Legal Title will not pass to the buyer until we receive full payment.
Overdue accounts that are not paid when met with a payment demand may be immediately referred to a debt collection agency of our choosing.
Further non-payment will be referred to our solicitors for legal proceedings.
Any account that reaches 180 days will be referred to our collectors, regardless of trading history.
The buyer agrees to pay in full any/all Debt-collection/Legal costs & fees/interest incurred in securing payment.
Late payment fees/Interest mandated by EU law will also be applied.
An additional administration fee of €200 ex vat will be added to cover time pursuing payment.
Such fees & costs will be added to the customers account as an invoice due immediately.
Invoices are in Euro and settlement must either be in Euro or by Sterling £ at the going rate
offered by our receiving bank on date of payment:
Every effort is taken to ensure the Availability listings are current and accurate.
However, due to factors outside our control (disease, more orders than stock on hand, etc),
we cannot accept any liability for loss of business arising from non-delivery of an ordered plant.
Delivery is only guaranteed when you are in receipt of a valid delivery note.
All Sales are made under our Terms & Conditions of Sale and placement of an order
implies the full & unconditional acceptance by the buyer of these conditions!
The Terms & Conditions set out above supercede any Terms & Conditions set in place by Customers. Placement of an order acknowledges & accepts this fact.